Rollers and Pens Skin Care Products

Eye rollers, are simply gels or creams placed inside a device that can massage over the soft skin of the eye to get rid of puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.

Eye rollers does the same job as of eye creams or gels or eye serums, the only difference between them is, in case of eye gels/cream we have to manually apply the gel/cream to the skin whereas in case of eye rollers, there is a inbuilt applicator you just have to slide the small ball over your eye areas to maintain a good circulation and keep the muscles relaxed to obtain a desired result.

Eye pens are really amazing, interesting, compact, and easy to use. The kajals we use, eye designers comes in the form of eye pens. They are smudge free and one single application lasts long, they don’t fade, they are resistant to water and tamper proof. Range of eye pens include eye needle pens, eye fine, eye micro, and eye designers.

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