All Good Lips - SPF 15 Lip Balm - Original


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Category: Body Care

Brand: Kiehls

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The lip balm addict's favorite. A deliciously soothing and creamy herbal infusion blended in a base of organic extra virgin olive oil and organic beeswax. This is a hard to find gem > an organic SPF 15 Mineral Lip Balm that Goes on Clear!

Features of Product

  • Non-nanoparticle Zinc Oxide
  • Healing Infusion of Medicinal Herbs, including Calendula grown on our own organic farm
  • Free of Chemical sunscreen - No Oxybenzone
  • Gluten free
  • Contains Organic Ingredients

Product Technical Details

Manufacturer All Good
Model 161
Size 4.25 gms(pack of 4)
Item Dimensions (Height x Length x Weight x Width) 300 x 400 x 0.53 x 200
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