Avocado Bar Soap (Earthy Pleasures)


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Category: Body Care

Brand: Belli

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Moisturizing and nourishing soap for your skin.

Our Avocado Bar is made with 100% Cold pressed, unrefined Bella Vado Avocado Oil. Our Avocado Bar is pure and hand crafted soap creating the creamiest cleanse you will ever experience!

• Crafted with raw, cold pressed, unrefined, vegan, food grade oil.
• This soap has no preservatives of any kind.
• Avocado Oil is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Bella Vado is a family owned company that is inspired to deliver natural products that are good for your body inside and out.

Use for: Dry skin and moisturizing.

You won't find: Any harsh chemicals in our products.

Features of Product

  • 100% Avocado Bar is incredibly moisturizing! Our Avocado Bar is truly made with 100% of our Cold pressed food grade raw Avocado Oil.
  • Our Avocado Oil Bars are Vegan, Contain vitamin A,D,E,K CoQ10 and incredibly nourishing. We never use: Parabens, Chemicals, Preservatives or Artificial colors in any of our products.
  • Our Avocado Bars are hand cut, hand poured and personally boxed by our family. Each small batch of bar soap takes 3 weeks. We make a cold processed soap, which results in a creamy Raw bar.
  • Our Avocado Bars are estate made on our Avocado Grove in Valley Center, CA where we produce our raw Avocado Oil.
  • When using our natural bars of soap, please keep on a pronged dish in the shower or at least out of sitting water. Our Avocado Bar uses food grade Avocado Oil. To extend the soap bar, cut it in thirds or fourth and only use the piece you need. This will preserve the rest of the bar until you need it.

Product Technical Details

Manufacturer Bella Vado
Item Dimensions (Weight) 28
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