AyaZen Lavender Eye Pillow

AyaZen Lavender Eye Pillow

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Category: Eye Care

Sub Category: Masks and Pillows

Brand: AyaZen

Stress is the main factor which disturbs our whole metabolism, here is the AyaZen Lavender Eye Pillow consisting of lavender and organic flax seed to overcome stress. This pillow heals headache, stress, migraines, yoga session and it also helps us to block the light and sleep in the morning or you can just use for relaxing yourself.

The pillows are handmade in USA. Can be used to provide Hot therapy or Cool therapy.

Benefits Of The Product

  • Natural aromatherapy of Lavender soothe stress and tension
  • Filled with organic flax seed which provides lenient acupressure

Product Usage Details

  1. For Hot therapy: Heat it in microwave for 30 seconds and use it.
  2. For Cool therapy: Place it in freezer, while placing the eye pillow in the freezer put it in the plastic bag so that it may not arrest the freezer odors. Softly press the pillow to free the lavender flower aroma.

Suitable Skin Type

Suitable for all

More Information Of The Product

Brand Name AyaZen
Size Of The Product Size 4" x 8.5"
Ingredients Used In The Product

Lavender and organic flax seed

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