EltaMD PM Therapy Facial Moisturizer

EltaMD PM Therapy Facial Moisturizer

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Category: Face Care

Sub Category: Moisturizers

Brand: EltaMD

This supreme facial moisturizer helps your skin in regenerating, moisturizing and repairing damaged skin. The moisturizer is completely non-fragrance, non-greasy, non-comedogenic and secure to use in delicate skin. The ceramides strongest the skin naturally and act as a barrier by protecting the skin.

The presence of Niacinamide and antioxidant help your skin in upgrading the skin texture and tone, it enhances the speed of metabolism which reduces skin damages at night.

That active small rice protein and peptides penetrates the skin and improves cell growth and collagen function. The moisturizer renews the skin, increases and supplies essential oxygen to the skin which results in diminishing wrinkles, improvised the skin texture and smoothes the skin and gives natural look.

Benefits Of The Product

  • The natural active ingredient strengthens your skin.
  • The mixture of antioxidant, peptides and ceramides helps to fight against aging problems.
  • Regenerates and repairs your skin and retain a flexible skin.
  • Secure for all types of skin.

More Information Of The Product

Brand Name EltaMD
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