Facial Skin Cleanser with 25% Pure Ultra Aloe 4 oz.


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Category: Face Care

Brand: skyn ICELAND

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Before anything, make sure your skin is clean and fresh! Your skin's natural beauty can be marred by airborne pollutants, old makeup, soap and impurities trapped inside clogged pores. This gentle cleanser with 25% pure UltraAloe® penetrates deep to dissolve blockages and rinse away impurities so your body's natural healing mechanisms can restore and maintain fresh, glowing skin. Make this part of your daily beauty regimen to ensure soft, beautiful skin - you'll love the way your ski looks and feels!

Features of Product

  • Effective Cleanser Penetrates Deep
  • Gently Unclogs Pores
  • Aloe Gel Helps Heal Skin
  • Helps Maintain Soft, Glowing Skin
  • Made from Organically Grown Aloe Vera Leaves

Product Technical Details

Manufacturer Miracle of Aloe
Model 105
Size 4 oz.
Item Dimensions (Weight) 25
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