skyn ICELAND Glacial Face Wash, 1 ounce.


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Category: Eye Care

Brand: skyn ICELAND

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Is your skin depleted, congested and irritated from a high-octane, 24/7 lifestyle? Pamper it skyn Iceland's glacial face wash (mini); refreshing, soothing cleanser that will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean. Creamy, foaming cleanser to refresh, soothe and purify stressed skin. Harmony, balance and glow are restored. Glacial face wash helps relieve bumps, breakouts and irritation due to stress-related increases in hormone levels and oil production. Formulated with the purest Icelandic glacial waters and beneficial botanicals, this creamy, foaming cleanser is exceedingly mild, so it detoxifies and purifies without stripping skin of its natural moisture. Skin's harmony, balance and glow are restored.

Features of Product

  • Works well on any skin type
  • Rich creamy lather provides a refreshing, cool feeling
  • No tight after-feel, no filmy residue, non-drying

Product Technical Details

Manufacturer skyn ICELAND
Size 1 fl. oz
Item Dimensions (Height x Length x Width) 100 x 375 x 100
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