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Skin Care Brand Archipelago

Archipelago began its path to provide adequate distribution of essential oil and herbal ingredients in a small garage placed in Santa Monica. Along with the view of Catalina the thought of re-inventing fragrance with the gathered experience around the places has been set forth, as a result people around as noticed a peculiarity in the products and rejoiced in the benefits from the products.

The name Archipelago is derived from the island in a distance. After twenty years the small garage started to grow up and mark its feet around.

Archipelago is a shelter of fragrance which is produced with the combination of essential oil and botanical ingredients. The search for products with elegancy and qualified ingredients are satisfied with the help of Archipelago. Stimulate skin and bring out the fragrance inside you through the products.

  • The policy of producing natural product through our natural ingredients never changes even after years.
  • Remarkable fragrance and cozy candlelight feel.
  • Feel yourself wrapped with qualified brand with natural stuffs.
  • Choose simple and present yourself plushy.

Calm yourself, take a warm bath and encounter a modest way of living accompanied with the product.

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