How Often Should We Exfoliate Our Face

What is skin exfoliation?

Exfoliation means to remove the old dead cells on the outermost layer of the skin’s surface. All facials, microdermabrasion and chemical peels include the process of exfoliation. Generally people tend to exfoliate at home using some face wash which has tiny sand like or crystal particles. Rubbing that particles gently on the face makes the face look healthier and fresher. Examples include sugar, and rice flour.

How often should you exfoliate?

Exfoliation should be done twice or thrice a week for most skin types. But the people who have extremely sensitive skin which is prone to redness and irritation, the experts recommend exfoliation only once or twice a week. Doing more than this, may cause the skin to become irritable and itchy.

Points to keep in mind while exfoliation:

  1. Exfoliation for dry skin: Many times people think that exfoliation may cause cracks and rough patches on the dry skin. This is not true. The cracks absorb the moisturizer which helps in trapping the oil. This results in the formation of bumps which are like pimples. Use a hydrating lotion after exfoliating.
  2. Oily skin: For people who have oily skin which is very susceptible to the acne should avoid using physical scrubs. These physical scrubs lead to outbreaks in the skin. Face washes with hydroxyl acids, for example glycolic or salicylic help in the removing of dirt and piercing the oil to the dead cells which clog pores.
  3. Sensitive skin type: For people having sensitive skin, they can use a mild short contact product for exfoliating. This product can be rich in the enzymes of fruit or plant. Sensitive skin can be exfoliated twice a week. Try and use a cool wet cloth in a circular motion. This helps in loosening and getting rid of the dead cells.
  4. Clogged pores: The meaning of clogged pores here is the blackheads, whiteheads and the small clogged pimples on the skin. The more you exfoliate your skin, the less oil will stay confined to in the pores.
  5. Hyperpigmentation: These are uneven darkened or brown spots which are visible on the face due to hormonal changes, pregnancy and due to age. These marks become all the more prominent and dark as the person ages. With the help of exfoliation, these pigmented spots tend to become light and eventually fade out.
  6. The correct time for exfoliation: One can exfoliate either during the day or the night. But if one plans on exfoliating during the night then he should exfoliate before bed because the skin will be more receptive when the dead cells are removed from the face.
  7. Consequences: Experts advise the use of very little hydrocortisone on the part to lessen the burning sensation. And start to use a gentle moisturizer and a cleaner which will not cause inflammation on the skin.
  8. Use of body scrubs: Experts advice to avoid the use of body scrubs for exfoliating the face because body scrubs have granules that are harsh for the skin of the face. The bug granules in the body scrubs are made to soften the thick and tough skin which is around the neck.
  9. The area around the eye: Some of the exfoliating products are specifically made keeping in mind the area around the eye. So always check the sticker before start using it.
  10. Use of moisturizer after exfoliating: Remember to always use a good moisturizer after you dry your face with a towel gently. Use a good hydrating serum prior to going to bed. This will help in making your face look brighter and skin significantly softer. Find a suitable moisturizer for your skin type.

Advantages of exfoliation:

There are many benefits one experiences after exfoliating the skin. In the skin care routine of a lot of people, exfoliating has become one of the important parts which help in making the skin look healthier and brighter.

Below listed are the advantages of exfoliation:

  • Skin with blemishes: The people, who have blemishes on their skin, should exfoliate twice a week. Generally, people think that if they kill the bacteria, their skin will stop having acne and pimples. This is very wrong because killing the bacteria leads to the dryness of the skin and starts to cause irritation. Experts’ advice on removing the dead cells and maintaining the skin clean and hydrating. For hydrating the skin, one can always use a good moisturizer or a lotion. Lotion should always be applied with clean hands to prevent any kind of bacterial infection.
  • Acne and breakouts: With the increasing age, people start having acne and dark spots on their skin which grow darker and prominent with age. Exfoliating those marks will help in lightening them and those marks fade away with time.
  • Pore minimization: Pores are small openings in the skin which become the breeding spot for the dirt and dead skin to get collected. This results in making the pores larger and bigger. The process of exfoliating helps in cleaning the skin off the dirt and the dead cells and also reduces the size of the pores.
  • Conceals wrinkles: Putting makeup on the dead cells of the face will not let the makeup merge with the skin. It will rest on the outermost layer and this process is called the layering effect. Due to this layering effect, all fine lines become more visible. When the dead cells are removed after exfoliating, wrinkles are exaggerated a little less. In this way, exfoliating hides the wrinkles.
  • In the growth of hair: You pull your hair when getting your legs or bikini waxed. Although the hair will grow back with time, sometimes it is not able to get through the surface of the skin. A red spot starts to develop around that area. This is in the growth of the hair. Exfoliation of the area reduces the dead cells and allows the hair to get through the surface of the skin.

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I hope you are clear about the exfoliation, main points to keep in mind while and before exfoliating the skin and its various advantages too.

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