Top 13 Unique Skincare Brands

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Do you know there are more than lakhs of skincare brands available! Skincare brands usually manufacture products specifically for face, body, hair, eye, and lip. They classify products based on various skin concerns, issues, or usage or product type (gel, cream, serum, lotion, balm, oil, butter, spray).

Each and every skincare brands tries to formulate a quality product that stands unique providing a effective solution for any skin concerns let it be acne, aging skin, blemishes, blackheads, dark spots, dark circles, eye puffiness and eye bags, skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, skin inflammation, excess oil, skin discoloration, dull skin, lose of flexible and compact skin, skin pores or chapped lips.

Some passionate skincare brands even maintain their own garden or field or farm land from which they obtain their desired organic or natural ingredients that adds a real quality to the product. Skincare brands maintain their own research and clinics to test the products for its effective working and keep chemical / inorganic ingredients within the safe levels.

Let’s take a look that these top 13 unique skincare brands which differ from other skincare brand or make themselves unique by following a certain set of rule, manufacturing specific set of skincare products or using unique manufacturing ingredient / method that no other skincare brands follows.

1. Most Rare, Elegant and Luxury Beauty Products

(i) Tresor rare

Being first on the list, this brand stands unique for its product cost and quality.

Tresor Rare is the rarest, elegant and award winning skincare in the world that formulates perfumery and age defying products by exploiting the rare gems, minerals across the world.

Tresor Rare manufacture products by exploiting refined gemstones, and exfoliating diamond dust for fine results. This beauty brand also uses the smoothing properties of deep water pearls all thoroughly mixed with plant stem cells, liposome, phospholipids and chosen minerals across the globe that results in an excellent skin concoction. 

Do you want to buy luxurious and best skincare products, this brand is for you. $79.99 is the least cost of a product and the maximum cost goes beyond $1999.

Some of its products are:

  1. Blue Sapphire Complete Age Defying Eye Zone Concentrate
  2. Golden Elixir Luxe Skin Treatment
  3. Tourmaline BX Skin Relaxor Rich Foaming Cream Cleanser

Disregarding the cost, the products are worth buying and stand up to its cost.

2. Skincare Brands That Manufacture Product with Specific Ingredient

These brands after understanding the skincare nature of any ingredient they come across while sourcing the world, use it in all their products so that their benefit is not missed out in any of the product.

(i) Repechage

Repechage uses seaweed as its main ingredient for all its products.

Repechage is a skincare brand that aims to provide the most innovative and effective skin care products. This skincare method is followed by world class stylists, and estheticians and it is taught to upcoming skincare professions’. Repechage is a top skincare brand and its ingredients are based on seaweeds.

Seaweed is a large algae which grows in the sea or on rocks and has a vast number of skincare benefits. Seaweed is a complete pack of humectants (absorbs moisture content and vitamin E from atmosphere and feed it o the skin) and maintains the skin youthful, soft and radiant.

The brand formulates its products by combining natural ingredients with proven research methods and seaweed extracts.

(ii) Hanalei

Hanalei uses kukui nut oil as its main ingredient for all its products

Hanalei is a skincare brand and its products include soothing gel, face cleansers, body lotion, lip treatments and scrub. Understanding the wonderful sun care benefits, of kukui nut oil which can calm down and recover sunburns Hanalei included it, as one of the major ingredient in their products.

They extracted very pure natural kukui nut oil which also contains essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E, known to restore dryness and natural skin tone.

3. Professional and Dermatologist Proved Proven Skincare Brand

The products of this brand are clinically tested and proven for its working, since made of pure botanicals extracts, it always enhances and uplifts the skin without any side effects.

Do you want to use, professional and dermatologist proved proven products? Here is the best option for you.

(i) Image Skincare

IMAGE Skincare is a clinical skincare brand founded by Janna Ronert. The ingredients used for products are safe, tested and purely botanicals extracts. Hence it gave powerful and highly visible results, whether you have acne, aging, rosacea or any other skin concerns, the best solution for any type of skin or skin tone is available.

Their products are made by aesthetician (the founder of IMAGE Skincare), formulated by a plastic surgeon and practiced by 20,000 skincare professionals. They believe every women deserve to be simple and beautiful with healthy skin.

Products are multipurpose which has good amount of active ingredients hence inspired by skincare professionals. They ensure the products for its skin protection and enhancement benefits.

4. Brand that Uses Specific Technique for Product Manufacture

(i) H20+ Beauty

This brand is noted for its unique innovation and simplicity.

H2O+ BEAUTY is a skincare brand that keeps its ingredients simple without much complication. It has discovered the maximum potential of pure water which is capable of maintaining required moisture in skin.

H2O+ BEAUTY uses creative and innovative formulas to find out more effective and efficient products to cater all the beauty concerns and needs. It reached its fame through its most successful idea of utilizing the hydrating power of pure water using the latest skin care technology.

(ii) HydroPeptide

HydroPeptide is a skincare brand which uses epigenetic principles (changes in gene functions without disturbing DNA), peptide technology to formulate clinically proven, skincare products. The results of these products are absolutely healthy skin that gives you a great confidence.

Outcomes of using the products:

  • Leaves skin youthfully radiant, smooth and soft.
  • Continuous improvement on using.
  • Restores healthy skin structure and hydration at once.
  • Detoxifies and rejuvenates skin.
  • Additional skin care concerns including sensitivity, acne and hyper pigmentation.

5. Skincare Brands Exclusively For Sunless Tanning Products

Do you love tanning yourself without much exposure to sun; here are the brands that manufacture only tanning products.

(i) Bahama Tan

Bahama Tan skincare brand primarily focuses its production only on sunless tanning products and the skincare products that directly affect or adds to the tanning process. Bahama Tan envisions maintaining only natural and organic ingredients for its products and at reasonable price.

Their products include pre-tan scrubs, post-tan treatments, intensive moisturizers and extenders. It helps you get a dusty natural looking tan as how you desired, without experiencing harmful effect of sun.

(ii) Fake Bake

Fake Bake is a well known brand for self-tanning and spray tanning products. Their products are free of chemicals, parabens, have no side effects and are made out of best botanical extracts and using state-of-the-art technology. Fake Bake gives rich looking tans in the most comfortable way with healthy, beautiful skin.

(iii) St. Tropez

St.Tropez is an award winning tanning brand. With an astonishing natural finish of the tanning products, St.Tropez has become a dominating tanning brand among celebrities and people. Whether you desire a natural like tan, or a professional tanning treatment or a deep tan, you are sure to achieve it.

6. Skincare Brand Exclusively For Men Grooming and Skincare

Why not consider men, when it comes to grooming and skincare? This skincare brand is the top most brands exclusively for men.

(i) Baxter of California

Baxter of California is an exclusive skincare, grooming and lifestyle brand for men. It has a huge success story and its products are a systematically organized collection of hair, skin, and shaving items. Baxter of California never fails to meet the demands of today’s gentleman by its quality products made with exceptional ingredients.

7. Skincare Brand That Provides Advanced Anti Aging Solution

Is “aging skin” is your main concern and are you in a dilemma to seek what and where? Here is the best and simple solution for you.


A skincare brand that manufacture products that provides advanced level solution for “anti aging”.

LE’VEA is an anti aging specialty skincare brand which is a perfect mix of Western advanced scientific methods and Eastern natural plant ingredients. The skincare products are created by World Class Chemists using scientifically proven formulas.

The brand name, its products, and its packaging are all nature based. The products are tested safe for all types of skin. LE’VEA is cautious of its products, so that they made a pump bottle for all their products so that the product is safe and air tight after every use.

8. Brand Exclusively For Pregnant Women and Nursing Mom’s.

This is another rare skincare brand that is exclusively for pregnant women and nursing mom’s, since that is the most important period of a women’s life where she is most forgetful with her own skin and beauty.

(i) Belli Beauty

Belli Beauty delivers a high quality obstetrician-gynecologist and Dermatologist recommended products. The unique feature of this skincare brand it promises to deliver a beautiful and soft skin throughout life including pregnancy and nursing.

The products of Belli Beauty are tested for allergies, additionally they are paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, free of artificial dyes or fragrances. The brand guarantees cent percent safe ingredients which are of best quality and plant based. In short Belli skincare brand delivers a safe skincare solution throughout and after your pregnancy period.

9.Exclusive Sunscreen brand

Though sun light is good for skin not always and at maximum exposure, we do need a sunscreen to protect ourselves from harmful UV rays.

(i) Blue Lizard

Blue Lizard is an exclusive Sunscreen brand which has scored a good result for sun protection. Blue Lizard was first started in Australia where the climate had some impacts on skin. To counteract the climatic conditions and its effect on skin, Blue Lizard had discovered the most superior fine sunscreen with safe ingredients.

The products are being formulated using perfect sunscreen standards to achieve a desired result. The sunscreen of this brand is mineral-based and doctor recommended. What the sunscreen actually does is, “it reflects most of the rays coming from the sun and serving as a shield to your skin”.

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