What is Sun Tanning and How to Remove Sun Tan?

“Sun is a star, and our planet earth revolves around it” is the general way of defining sun which is an extremely powerful natural resource of energy. But too much exposure of skin to the sun’s powerful rays results in sun tanning. Thus darkening of skin, caused by sun is called Sun tanning.” The sun’s ultraviolet ray (UV rays) damages our skin and causes changes in skin texture and tone. Let us get to know more of “what is sun tanning and its impact”, and finally quick study on “natural solution to solve sun tanning”.

What is sun tanning?

Revealing ourselves too much in sun light or any other artificial source of energy which damages our skin tones is known as sun tanning. The sun tan makes the skin turn dark or tanned. When we expose ourselves in sun moderately the level of producing melanin and vitamin D is balanced but if we come in direct contact with sun’s harmful rays for a longer hours a day, it results in varies other skin problems like sun burns, skin aging even results in skin cancer, this exposition of us to the sun changes our skin tone.

Impacts of sun tanning:

Some people doesn’t overlook the risk of sun tanning, it brings many harmful impacts on skin. The sun tanning to the extreme results in skin cancer; it makes your skin look dull and makes the natural beauty fade away. The impacts of sun tanning are mentioned below:

  • Causes wrinkles and aging effect in the skin.
  • Due to excessive encounter of sun, sun burns are produced.
  • Reduces flexibility in skin.
  • Damages and kills skin cells.
  • It also causes infection and diseases.
  • Even damages you eye and cause itching.
  • Suppression of immune system.

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Sun tanning causes this type of problems in skin and affects the health and glow of the skin.

Ways to avoid sun tanning:

The main reason for causing sun tanning is exposing us too much in front of sun, so try to restrict the amount of time spent under sun. Do not completely shut yourself without exposing to sun because with the help of sun, Vitamin D is obtained which helps to build skin cells and strengthen skin cells. We also have some simple measures to protect our skin from sun which helps to avoid undesired tanning. There are three main effective measures to protect you from tanning, they are:

  • Limit your exposition in sun. Change plans and travelling time to be early in order to avoid heavy sun.
  • Protect yourself by wearing protective clothes: Always wear cotton clothes to safeguard yourself from sun. Don’t forget to carry your sun glasses. Sun tanning also affects your eyes.
  • Use intensive sun creams and lotion to avoid tanning: Protect yourself by applying creams and lotion in order to protect yourself from sun and its harmful rays.

Natural ways to remove sun tan:

There are some natural and simple steps to nullify the effect of sun on skin. Even if the effect of sun had caused tanning, you can save your skin by following the below handy tips:

  • Apply fresh and natural coconut water.
  • Fresh up yourself after travelling.
  • At night times apply a coating of lemon juice and then throw yourself to sleep.
  • Sandalwood and turmeric are some of the natural ingredient which helps you to recover or protect yourself from sun tanning.
  • Aloe Vera is also an important ingredient which soothes your skin and helps to remove sun tanning.

The below mentioned are some of the remedies to help you with sun tanning in a natural ways:

1. Honey and lemon pack:

Blend equal volume of honey and lemon and apply it gently in your face and leave it for 20 minutes regularly, if oily skins don’t extent the sustaining time remove it quickly.

2. Milk and lemon pack:

Mixture of three spoon of milk and one spoon of lemon in a bowl and blend them well. Mix it until you get a creamy paste form and then apply it gently on your face. Feel the difference.

3. Cucumber, lemon and rose water extract mask:

Combine all three ingredient in a level of one spoon respectively and blend it well and apply it in the skin and allow it to dry and cleanse your face completely, this helps you in removing sun tanning naturally.

4. Yogurt and tomato/orange extract:

Blend same level of both the ingredient in a bowl and firmly apply it in your skin in a circular motion and let it rest upon the skin for half an hour. You can use either tomato or orange.

5. Curd and honey pack:

The mixture of curd and honey helps you to retain your skins moisture level and cleans the skin. So apply gently the mixture of curd and honey in your tanned skin to retain back your glowing and flawless skin.

6. Egg pack:

Blend two whites in the egg along with equal amount of honey and lemon extracts and make it as a creamy paste. Cleanse your face with milk or any milk face wash and then apply the paste all over skin evenly. Let it set upon the skin and work and wash it out. The mixture of lemon avoids stinky smell and gives you a pleasant fragrance.


Kindly avoid yourself at the mid sun time (between 12:00 AM – 3:00 PM). Sun also gives us energy, so do not totally avoid sun light just limit the exposing time. This following measures and awareness will help you solve all problems relating to sun tanning and helps to retain skins texture, tone and glow.

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