Overview of Various Lip Care and Lip Make Over Products

Lips are smooth, softest and delicate organ on our face. To add more glow and delightful look there are many lip beautifying products available. Don’t let your smile fade away; this article explains the various lip make over product available and gives an overview of choosing an apt lipstick for your skin tone.

1.Lip stick:

Lipstick is cosmetic used to give an enchanting look to your lips. These lipsticks are made upon pigments, wax and emollient and oil (such as petrolatum, lanolin, cocoa butter, jojoba, castor, and mineral oils add moistures and nourishes your lips) that add color and texture to your soft lips and also act as a protective shelter to your lips. Some of main reasons/purpose/benefits of using lipsticks are listed below:

  • Gives you lip a glossy and girly look over.
  • It hydrates and nourishes your lips.
  • Retains your freshness in the lips all over the day.
  • Repairs crackled lips and protect against cold wind and dryness.
  • Simply it’s a quick makeover.

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Various types of lipstick:

Nowadays, we do find a various forms and kinds of lipsticks. We are always free to choose the one that seems perfect and suits our lips.

a. Matte lipstick:

Your lips deserves a bold and a classic look, not glossy but simple to wear up. These types of lipstick sticks flat up to your lips, you can choose your own colors of lipstick to get the day started. Start and end your day with the same level of look with the help of Matte lipstick. This lipstick helps to look young and radiant.

b. Creamy lipstick:   

The girls those who have short lips it’s your turn to show yourself remarkable, and this lipstick suits for all short lips. This lipstick assures you that it is not too much glossy and also not too much thicker to wear up. It gives smooth and soft lips, if you want to add shinning to it you can also use your lip gloss on top of it.

c. Liquid lipstick:

This lipstick suits for the girls who have thin lips and pout pose. This is a mixture of matte lipstick and lip gloss, which involves both shiny effect and matte finishing. You can also use your favorite lip balm along with the lipstick.

d. Satin lipstick:

Get a nourishing and moisturized protection through this lipsticks, it gives you a glowing and smooth finishing. This lipstick contains an enormous amount of oil component, so that it can be removed easily and it can be applied onto the lips quick and easy.

e. Sheer lipstick:

It is same as the satin lipstick it helps you to retain your nourishment and helps you to go with day confidently. It gives you more attractive and glossy appearance. There are huge collections to express you in an impressive manner.

f. Pearl lipstick:

This lipsticks main purpose is to make lips glow with a classic layer. It helps you to maintain a perfect level of shining which include the flavor of lipstick. You will stick towards its glowing and stunning radiant.

g. Frosted lipstick:

It is same as the pearl lipstick, glows at the same time gives you a colorful lipstick effect. Complete your day with this stunning and stylish lipstick. Attract the people towards you with your dazzling smile.

2. Lip gloss:

Lip glosses in a lotion form which nourishes and hydrates your lips and keeps silky. Let your smile doesn’t dull and fade away in the dark, to sustain a glowing and stunning smile wear lip gloss on your lips. It can be used along with the lipstick which ensures a polished finishing.

3. Lip liner:

Lip liner adds more beauty to your lips; it acts as a border for the lip stick to stay inside the border calm and protective. These lip liner can always be known as lip pencil. Varieties of colors are available to suit your lipstick. It gives a smooth finishing and a stylish outlet.

4. Lip balm:

Lip balm is a wax like substance which ensures in enriching lips. It increases the moisturize content on lips and repairs damaged and dry lips. It nourishes and hydrates your dry and chapped lips. It can also be familiarly known as lip salves. Your lips are worth for a prideful smile.

5. Lip moisturizer:

Lip moisturizer prevents your lips from getting dried and chapped. Own your smile with pride and beauty. It cherishes the lips and increases the nourishment level. It helps you to keep your lips smooth and soft. Bring ups and boosts your lips.

6. Lip cream:

Lip cream is a fluffy, soft cream which helps to get an outstanding and a unique look. It gives you silky and soft matte finishing. It contains ingredient to add up nourishment and to moisturize your lips. It looks attractive and stylish. Lip cream gives you a royal look making the day complete.

7. Lip scrubs:

Lip scrubs are used to remove dead cells, repair and refresh the lips. Our lips are too sensitive which doesn’t adapt to the climate change. It is always safe and secure to carry a scrub to overcome dry and worn lips. Our lips are too delicate and often crackle and bleed too avoid such mess these scrubs are found with the flavor of candies. Lip scrubs can be used twice or thrice a week. Just make your choice and enjoy a soothing lip.

How to select a perfect lip shade:

Whether it can a lipstick or a lip balm, or a lip cream or a lip liner or a lip gloss; we always get confusion on color selection. There are more than thousands of lip shades available, it is always up to us to choose between “choose a suitable one for me” or “why not, try a new color”.

An important point to remember is, a lip care product should only enhance your lips externally and provide nourishment and protection internally. Be extra cautious on selecting the desired lip care brands and products.
Here is a very simple and handy tip to select a perfect lip shade suitable for you.

(i) Analyzing your skin tone:

Face makeover is an art, when it comes to choosing colors direct to your face, we need to be careful because it can either enhance your look or mess up the same. It is always good to choose a lip color based on your skin tone, which can uplift your facial features.

Lip shades suitable for respective skin tone:

Light or fair tone: The fair people can use most of extreme light and extreme dark colors lip shades such as light pink, coral, peach, nude, and dusty red colors.

Medium tone: The lip shade which is not too much dark neither light like Rose, berry, cherry red, and mauve suits this skin tone.

Tanned tone: Medium of dark colors like rock coral, deep pink, bright red, and most other colors except for brown and purple shades suits well.

Deep dark tone: Deep colors like brown and purple shades like plum, caramel, wine, and blue-based reds suits them.

(ii) Based upon your skin under tone:

You may not be familiar with this term, and yet knowing your skin under tone is important as well. When gold ornaments suits you, then you have a warm skin under tone and when silver suits you up then you have a cold skin, whereas both suits you then you have a neutral skin tone.

For those with cool under tone: 

Fair skin tone – soft mocha or nude lip shades
Medium skin tone – pink or cranberry lip shades
Tan or deep skin tone – ruby or wine lip shades

For those with warm under tone: 

Fair skin tone – pale pink or peachy nudes lip shades
Medium, tan or deep skin – copper or bronze lip shades

For those with neutral under tone:

Wide spectrum of colors, both cool and warm tones suits the best.

Additional points to remember while choosing a lip shade:

  • If you have bold lips use stronger shades or else kindly avoid using strong shades.
  • For thicker lips use most of dark colors and as for thin lips use matte finished lipsticks.

Following these steps helps to choose a suitable and worthy lip shade.


Wear up a smile with pride and beauty. Just present yourself stylish, classic and impressive. Hope this article gave an overview of various lip care and lip make over products available and how to beautify your lips. Inspire and impress the world in your unique style.

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