Foods That Ensures a Glowing Skin


We long to get a lovely radiant and glowing skin. This article is all about foods item that ensures a glowing skin forever. Nothing is impossible, so there are some of the cool tips and foods to safeguard your skin and to give skin a glossy effect. This article shows the easiest and best ways to get a flawless and glowing skin.


The fruits and veggies which helps in getting glowing skin:

Most of the foods we consume have skincare benefits, here are the few fruits and vegetables which has a wholesome skincare benefits. You can either consume it on regular basis or use it externally skin for a great skin benefits.

1. Orange:

The presence of vitamin C in orange helps to improve immunity level in body and enriches to protect your skin from all infection. It helps in diminishing dark circles, acne and fight against aging issues. It rejuvenates dry, dull and damaged skin. Gives a radiant look and also helps in hair growth and dandruff problems. Orange can be applied as a pack or also can be consumed as juice. The peel of orange is also helpful in solving your skin issues.

2. Papaya:

Papaya is rich in vitamins and minerals which boosts your skin. Its useful properties are diminishes wrinkles and dark circles, exfoliates skin, moisturizes and nourishes your skin, clears pigments and controls skin breakouts and also protects skin tanning problem. Papaya helps you to stay charming and stunning. Papaya can be applied as a pack or also can be consumed as juice.

3. Tomato:

Tomato consist high amount of vitamins and antioxidant which helps in overcoming all skin problems. Tomato is a best pimple remover and a beautifying vegetable with best skincare benefits. It helps in tightening skin pores and also act as a barrier protecting skin from sun light. It can use as face pack or consumed as juice or its pulp can be applied in your skin.

4. Carrots and Beetroot:

Carrots are the powerhouse of the skin and beetroots are loaded with all vitamin, mineral and fibers. These vegetables boost your beauty with numerous skincare benefits. It helps in production of new cells, removes dark spots, pimples and minimizes aging factors. These veggies are healthy consumable and helps in strengthening your entire body.

5. Pumpkin:

Pumpkins are enriched in production of new cells and regulate necessary oil to your skin. It helps in improving your skin tone and demolishes the appearance of pores. Look dazzling and amazing with help of all natural fruits and veggies.

List of foods to be consumed to get glowing skin:

These are a few foods that include sea foods, chocolates, veggies that has powerful skincare benefits like nourishing skin, acting as a antioxidant and protecting skin, maintaining and conditioning skin and helping skin look younger and hydrated.

1. Fatty fish:

This fatty fishes like salmon, mackerel and herring and more are friendly towards your skin, it doesn’t create any negative impact in your skin. It helps you in protecting from sun, makes your skin thick and removes redness and acne in your skin. Keep your skin healthy.

2. Dark chocolates:

From children till adults all love chocolates, this dark chocolates lots and lots of antioxidant which protest against skin infection. Dark chocolate shelter you from harmful sun rays. It helps stimulating blood flow in your body. It generates more nutrients in your body and helps in strengthening your tissues.

3. Sweet potatoes:

Consumption of sweet potatoes helps you in protecting your skin from external and internal skin damaging factors. It helps in clearing dry skin, wrinkles and sun burns. It helps in repairing damaged skin and helps to boost your nutrients level in your skin. A peel of potato is great for removing dark circles under the eye.

4. Green tea:

Adding green tea in your daily schedule helps you in overcoming skin damages and fights against aging problems in your skin. The active ingredient present in green tea helps you to be secured against sun damages and helps you in keeping your skin smooth and shiny. It helps in improving flexibility in tour skin and nourishes your skin. Fills your skin with nutrition and empower your skin.

Simple home remedies to get glowing skin:

There are some simple procedures to get a glossy skin follow up the given remedies and own a flawless look.

1. Turmeric face pack:

Turmeric is best agent to fight against your skin problems. Take equal portion of turmeric and gram flour (chickpea flour) and bend it with an enough amount of milk or yogurt to get a creamy paste texture and then apply it on your face and neck evenly. Apply it once or twice a week. It helps in removing stretch marks, acne, wrinkles, burns and repair damaged skin.

2. Aloe vera pack:

A mixture of one tablespoon of aloe vera, honey and milk added with a pinch of turmeric, blend all ingredients into a creamy form and apply it evenly on your face and neck and let it rest upon your skin for 20 minutes. Wash it up with warm water, do this process twice a week and feel the difference. Aloe Vera contains natural substance which nourishes and heals the skin.

3. Bitter gourd juice:

Take a peeled and seedless bitter gourd, which is washed thoroughly and two teaspoon of lemon juice and blend it. Add salt and black pepper for flavor and taste. Drink this juice daily or once in two days. This natural made juice helps you to purify your blood and eliminates all infection. It’s a healthy juice which also purifies your blood and makes glow.

4. Banana face pack:

Blend a juicy banana combined with two teaspoon of milk, mix it into a creamy texture and apply it all over your face and neck once or twice a week. The banana has a main factor which helps your skin to get a glowing effect. Banana contains vitamin A, B, C and E and also minerals to enhance your skin.

5. Saffron mask:

Saffron is a supreme source to get a glowing skin, along with this blend the most known moisturizer to your skin which is coconut oil to make the face mask. Blend it into a creamy paste form and apply it all over your neck and face. Let it stay upon your face till it dry (maximum 10 minutes) and then wash it up with the warm water.

Simple tips to get a natural glowing skin:

All the below mentioned tips and suggestions are purely natural and you can always try to get a fabulous skin. It improves your skin health and quality thereby giving a natural glow from within which does not fade away that easily unlike other chemicals and inorganic skincare products.

1. Pure coconut oil is a natural ingredient to make you skin glossy.

2. Adding Avocado in your schedule can remove dead cells in your skin.

3. Papaya is good friend of your skin to make it smooth and glowing.

4. A blend of lemon and sugar works actively to protect your skin.

5. Honey, so sweet to eat and use. Honey helps in cleaning your skin and rejuvenates your skin.

6. Olive oil helps the skin in retaining moisture level and helps the skin give radiant effect.

7. Cod Liver Oil, repairs damaged and dead skin and contains more number of vitamins in it and helps in producing soft and shining look to the skin.

8. Orange helps in producing glowing factors in your skin.

9. Rose water helps in nourishing and gives you a luminous effect. Use it daily once or twice.

10. Broccoli is wholly filled upon many nutrients which indeed helps your skin developing new and healthy cells and gives a smooth and glossy effect.


Every veggies and fruits contains nutrients health benefits but these are specially meant to  enhance your skin texture and glow. Don’t loss your glow for any reason.  Spend a little of your precious time to take care of your skin because you deserve a stunning and dazzling look.

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