Natural Herbs and Its Best Known Skincare Property

If only we start to understand the power and the beauty of nature, for sure we are going love it!!! Nature is a delight to admire, and adore. Nature has lot to do with skincare as well.

We buy a lot of skincare products to maintain a healthy glowing younger looking skin. We think skincare products are all made of ingredients that are out of our knowledge. A skincare product is classified as high quality and beneficial to all, because the ingredients used must have a natural extracts and outcomes of using which gives us a wonderful result.

Skincare products may be of chemical based, nature based or organic and it can have added preservatives and fragrances. But only a product with natural and organic ingredients can be exclusive, unique and can provide long lasting benefits to skin irrespective of your skin type. Because plant based products does not have any side effects or cause irritation to skin but gives you lifelong benefits.

Each of natural herbs, plants and their flowers has unique and peculiar quality in them that is absolutely useful to mankind. Usually the ingredients intended for a product are processed under various stages and well textured as a cream or lotion or a serum, or a gel or spray form.

Before that, it is good to learn few skincare terminologies for better understanding.

What are anti-inflammation?

Appearance of skin redness, irritation, swelling and pain are the main symptoms of inflammation. Harmful sun rays also causes inflammation to skin. Use of products with anti-inflammation property can save us from this.

What are anti-oxidants?

Exposure of skin to sun rays causes free radicals. These free radicals are unstable and combine with other molecules to cause a chain reaction which is considerably harmful to skin. Ingredients that can counteract this free radical damage are called anti-oxidants. Hence a skincare product should have anti-oxidant property.

Why collagen and elastin production is important?

These are protein in skin. A good amount of collagen and elastin maintains an even skin texture, skin firmness, and healthy skin.

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation also known as scrubbing is the process by which dead cells are removed from skin.

What are antibacterial?

If a product can deter the growth of bacteria it is said to be antibacterial.

What are antiviral?

If a product can deter the growth of harmful virus it is said to be antiviral.

What are antifungal?

A skincare product with antifungal property treats skin irritation and burning caused due to the fungal infection.

What are antimicrobial?

Antimicrobial diminishes the presence of microorganisms or deter their growth.

What are antiseptic?

Antiseptic destroys the infection causing bacteria or any other micro organisms. These can also cleanse skin and flush out toxins or micro organisms.

Anti-aging and skin firmness/compact

If skin starts to lose its moisture contents and becomes dry, there are high chances that it can be followed by wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and dark spots. These are the symptoms of an aging skin. Even exposure to sun rays fastens the early aging symptoms. As a result of which skin loses it compactness and appears dull. A healthy skin should have adequate hydration and free of wrinkles, fine lines; dark circles and should be firm and compact.

Natural Herbs and Its Best Known Skincare Property:

These natural herbs and flowers have lot more skincare benefits but we have listed only its specialization skincare property.

The following are the selective product-based nature ingredient and its respective best known skincare property.

Aloe vera – Best as after sun, has anti inflammatory property and cures acne.

Papaya – Enhances complexion and makes skin radiant. It is a good natural exfoliant.

Rose flower– Hydrating properties, heals wrinkles and sunburn skin.

Hibiscus – Fights aging signs and retains skin firmness and elasticity.

Bay leaves – Promotes collagen production and improves skin elasticity.

Coriander/cilantro – A wonderful natural antioxidant and antibacterial and antifungal.

Basil leaves – It is an antiseptic, heals acne and pimples. Also has anti inflammatory property.

Chamomile – Fights aging signs, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and a great skin protect.

Mint leaves – Cures pimple, and calms skin.

Rosemary – Stimulates collagen production and guards skin. It is also a good anti-oxidant.

Coconut oil – Removes dead cells, sunburns, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties, cleanses and hydrates skin.

Shea butter -.Heals skin, guards and provides moisturizes, has anti-inflammatory property and cures skin allergy.

Marshmallow root – hydrates skin, refreshes and restores skin. Has anti-inflammatory property.

Sandal – It is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredient, protects skin and maintains it healthy.

Jojoba oil – It is an anti oxidant, reduces wrinkles and fine lines and fights aging skin.

Zinc oxide – It is a natural occurring mineral, used a natural sunscreen.

Lavender – It is an antiseptic and hydrates skin.

Rosemary – It has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Also reduces fine wrinkles and acne.

Green tea – It is a powerful antioxidant, has excellent anti-inflammatory property, and protects skin from UV Rays of sun.

Turmeric – reduces acne and dark spots, has anti-inflammatory, eases and protects skin, and improves complexion.

Avocado – Provides moisturization, reduces wrinkles. Protects skin from sun damages and reduces inflammation to skin.

Saffron – Provides a radiant and glowing skin in a short period, treats acne.

Almond oil – Provides rich nourishment to skin and they are a powerful antioxidant.

CucumberReduces dark circles and calms sunburn skin

Argan oil – Provides deep hydration to skin, has anti-aging benefits and also treats acne.

Either these ingredients can be used individually on cleansed skin or in combination with other plant based skincare item to achieve the desired result.

Regular consumption of papaya, coriander/cilantro, mint leaves, green tea, basil leaves turmeric, avocado, cucumber and almond also helps maintain a youthful looking and healthy skin.

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  1. I am suffering from wrinkles and sunburn skin problem. I have tried every remedy, and market products but there is no such change on the face. In fact, the skin looks duller. Please provide products that clean the pores of the skin.

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