10 Foods to Stay Healthy and Happy

Happiness and health go hand in hand to make your life worthwhile. If you are not healthy, you will probably not be able to enjoy your life to the fullest. There are many ways to stay happy, but did you know that eating healthy may have numerous benefits on your body and mind. Read on to know how eating wisely can bring in positive changes in your body and how to eat your way to happiness.

1. Say “No” To Processed Foods

Processed foods are the biggest precursor of poor health that makes your body a home for various diseases. Even though grabbing a donut or pizza may seem delightful when you feel hungry, they have a bad impact on your body. If you are not healthy from within, you probably can never be happy.

The first thing that goes into eating well is cutting unwanted carbs and processed foods that cause instant mood swings due to a fluctuation in blood glucose levels. Such foods also add a lot of calories in your diet and makes you prone to obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

2. Eat Legumes

Legumes provide a lot of proteins, which have the ability to boost your energy levels for longer. Unlike processed foods, they do not raise your blood sugar instantly. Instead, they are digested slowly releasing constant energy throughout the day.

Legumes are also high in magnesium, a deficiency of which may cause fatigue. Eating your daily dose of magnesium maintains the energy levels and helps you to stay active and energetic.

3. Sip Green Tea

Various researches reveal the benefits of green tea for a better health. It is crammed with antioxidants and nutrients that help in increasing overall wellbeing. Moreover, it is free from calories and makes a good beverage for those aiming for weight loss.

4. Try Salmon

Salmon is an ultimate food for happiness. Not only it is high in nutrition, it is also considered to feed your mind. High in long chain omega-3 fatty acids, salmon has a good amount of EPA (EicosaPentaenoic Acid) and DHA (DocosaHexaenoic Acid) which are known to reduce anxiety, depression and negative thinking. It also aids in uplifting your moods and hence helps you to stay happy.

People suffering from low mood have found great relief just by including salmon in their daily diet. Salmon also contains Vitamin B6 that promotes the production of neurotransmitters that helps in transmitting messages from the brain to the entire body. A deficiency of the vitamin B6 leads to fatigue, decreased immunity as well as depression.

5. Go Green

Intake of leafy greens regularly helps in providing you good health. They contain very low calories and are high in minerals. Always include a green salad once a day in your diet. Leafy greens like spinach have the highest amount of iron, which is constantly required by the body.

A deficiency of iron may cause fatigue, apathy, low immunity and even anaemia. Such condition may make you sluggish and unhappy. However, an adequate amount of iron will ensure transportation of oxygen effectively to each and every cell of the body to provide you energy.

6. Get Plenty of Walnuts

Walnuts are a great food for the brain. Walnuts are found to be the best source of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that calms the mind and creates a sense of happiness. Since the chemical is directly absorbed by the body through the food, eating serotonin rich food helps in staying happy.

7. Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is the key to good health. Dehydration may cause fatigue and low energy levels. Since our body needs enormous amounts of water to function properly, it is essential to drink lots of fluids. It boosts energy and keep you active. Although plain water is the best beverage to consume, you may also add lemon to it for an energetic drink.

Plain water can also detoxify the body and make you feel refreshed. Having a glass of water on an empty stomach everyday cleans the colons, helps the intestines to obtain more nutrients from food and removes toxin from body.

8. Garlic – A food Come Medicine

Garlic has numerous number of medicinal and skincare properties. It contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Manganese, fibres and traces of calcium, iron, copper, potassium, and Vitamin B1. It is a great anti-oxidant and protects body from infections. It is a proven fact that garlic can control common cold.

Garlic also protects heart functioning and helps body maintain its blood pressure. Garlic promotes immunity and continued intake improves health. “Allicin” is one of a compound present in garlic has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammation and antiseptic properties. And hence it protects the skin from infection causing germs and microbes, swelling, irritation and burning sensation. It also provides nutrients to the body and skin and improves blood circulation.

9. Berries are Rich in Antioxidants

Raspberries, Blueberries and strawberries are all rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and helps overcome a large number of health defects.

Raspberries contain ellagic acid that has anti-inflammatory properties. It has the powerful antioxidant properties that helps to overcome cancer, over weight problems, heart and its related problems, reduces the aging appearance of the skin and improves the health conditions

Blueberries contain the highest antioxidant contents of any vegetables. Being rich in anti-oxidants, nutrients, Fibres, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Manganese it is a perfect vegetable to be included in everyday diet. Anti-oxidants protects the body from free radical damages caused by unstable molecules, this reduces the inflammation of any body organ, and minimizes the chance of cancer. It also maintains blood pressure and keeps early aging skin problem at bay.

Strawberries are never less compared with other berries and it’s also a rich source of anti-oxidants. There is a research to support that the fresh leaves of the fruit contains the highest anti-oxidant contents. Strawberries protect body from various infections and boost the immune system. It has the power to diminish the microbes and prevents diabetes. Strawberries are also believes to promote the heart functioning and regulate blood circulation.

10. Broccoli for Healthy Bones

Broccoli is a power packed vegetable that is rich in calcium, nutrients, Antioxidants, and vitamins. This unique vegetable can also remove toxin from the body and also ensure healthy bones. It contains good amounts of Phosphorus, Protein, Potassium, Fibres, Vitamin A, C, B9 and Vitamin K protects and guard body against cancer, free radical damages, diabetics, and reduces internal inflammations. 

Broccoli also helps skin to be healthy and improves skin glow. Vitamins and nutrients in the vegetable prevent aging, improve digestion and reduce bad cholesterol.


Apart from those foods that are mentioned here, it doesn’t mean rest of the other fruits; vegetables are not healthy or less healthy. This article is just to give you idea of healthy food consumption and benefits of which you can reap for life time. All the fruits, vegetables, nuts, dates or anything that can be cultivated naturally obtained with proper and intelligent use of natural/organic manure are all incredibly healthy and no processed or fast food can stand equal to that. There is nothing in the world, equal to being a healthy and happy person!

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