Aloe vera – Benefits and Uses in Skincare Routine


Aloe vera is a plant that has proved its effectiveness in medicine as well in cosmetology. It is a plant that needs a lesser amount of water and can thrive even with the minimal amount of sunlight. Aloe vera belongs to the Genus “Aloe” and succulent plant species.

The plant appears to be thick outer layer comprising a gel like substance inside. Aloe vera widely grows in tropical climatic regions where the weather or atmospheric condition is usually hot. Hence the plant can retain enough water in its fleshy part for its survival.

In this article let us discuss the various skincare properties of aloe vera, the skin concerns it can heal and how to use aloe vera in simple steps at home.

Properties of Aloe vera

The unique properties of aloe vera include the following:

Antioxidant Property

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are antioxidants. Foods rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E can defend your body from harmful infections and fights against damages caused by free radicals. Aloe vera is a great anti-bacterial substance and has Vitamin C and E as its components.

Similarly Aloe vera when applied to skin protects it from free radical damages and forms a protective barrier. You also use skincare products containing pure aloe vera for gentle cleansing, soothing, hydration, sunburn and lots more.

Vitamins and Minerals in Aloe vera

It is proven that aloe in rich in Vitamins A and E and also comprising a set of minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc. It is such a power packed plant, that when applied to the skin it can heal wounds, small abrasions, blisters, bites, psoriasis, eczema, and many more skin issues.

Skin Refreshment

If the blocked pore and dirts is cleansed, if the skin can breathe in fresh air through its tiny pores, if the skin can relax after a heavy make over, if the skin feels soft, calm and relaxed then we call it as Skin refreshment.

It is assured that aloe vera can achieve this, at the instance of application. Not a much procedure is required, all we need is a pure aloe vera gel (the fleshy part excluding the outer thick green part is ground to a fine gel like substance and it is ready for use).


Moisturization property of the aloe vera need no explaining because it is an assured moisturizing agent just as Shea Butter, Rose flower, Coconut oil and avocado. If you feel your skin is dry, and need refreshment; just a 15 minutes application of natural aloe vera gel works wonder.

Aloe vera provides deep hydration to the skin. A well hydrated skin keeps many of the skin issues at bay. Moisturization benefit of aloe vera can prevent acne, early aging skin, fine lines & wrinkles, blackheads, skin redness, irritation, itchiness and burning sensations, dull skin and sun tan, and improves skin flexibility.

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Soothing and Anti-inflammatory Property

Aloe vera has polysaccharides and phytosterols that are responsible for the soothing and, anti-inflammatory property of the plant. It can calm down an itchy, sensitive and irritated skin.

Gentle Exfoliation

“Anthraquinone” is one of the component of Aloe vera provides gentle exfoliation and scrubs way dead skin cells. Although it doesn’t provide deep Exfoliation or scrubbing, it has a gentle cleansing property. It can flush away the impurities, dirts, dead skin cells from the superficial layer of the skin.

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Anti-aging property

There is no strong evidence to prove anti-aging property of aloe vera, it doesn’t heal the already aged skin or the skin that appears to be aged but, researches proves that, it can protect the skin from future wrinkles and fine lines and reduces age spots. In short, despite your age after using pure aloe vera gel it maintains the skin as it is for a long time.

Thus aloe vera applied to skin externally on a regular basis, protects skin from all possible skin damages, stops the aging signs and symptoms and heals a number skin issues. Hence Aloe vera guarantees a healthy skin.

Skin Concerns It Can Heal

It is a natural plant with so many skincare and hair care benefits, and safe for internal consumption as well, as it is great source if antioxidant, helps digestion, improves immunity, prevents liver damages, heals dandruff on scalp, minimizes hair fall and promotes a clear skin.

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Now we shall discuss it’s the skincare benefits.


The antibacterial, antifungal and anti-allergenic property of Aloe vera can heal the acne, pimples, redness and acne scars. Aloe vera is the effective remedy for acne is a proven fact.


Psoriasis is a persistent skin condition that stimulates the accelerated growth of skin cells allowing it to from thick white or red patches on skin. This skin condition is accompanied by inflammation and itchiness, attributing to more discomfort feeling. Aloe vera can provide some relief from this skin condition.


Eczema (Atopic dermatitis is the common type of eczema) is a skin condition where is skin becomes inflammated, irritated, with darkened appearance. Since aloe vera is found to reduce skin inflammation and calm skin to a larger extend, it works well for Eczema.

Heals Sunburn – Removes Tan

Aloe vera is the best known solution for removing sun tanned skin. Even the best “After Sun” products has aloe vera as its main ingredient. If you had to spend some time under the hot sun and if your skin starts to show a change and aloe vera gel is the only choice to regain your skin originality.

The best example to prove this, you can check the Best After Sun Skin Care Products

Small Abrasions/Cuts, Razer Burns

Minute disturbances and scars, stretch marks, wounds on skin can be cured by applying the paste of Aloe vera (Aloe vera gel). The anti-allergenic and soothing property of the plant can help heal them at a faster rate.

Dry Skin Condition

Being a great moisturizing agent, aloe vera is a great option for treating dry skin condition. It provides deep hydration to the skin and helps skin retain moisture for a long time. It also works as a protective shield, guarding skin from sun damages, microbes and nourishing skin always.

Improves skin Flexibility

Loosened or sagging skin is the first sign of aging skin. The malic acid of the plant works to tighten or compact the skin and also makes more flexible by improving its elastic nature.

Apart from those listed, aloe vera is also capable of reducing hyperpigmentation and reduces skin discolorations, improves skin brightness to a considerable extend.

Home Remedies with Aloevera

The base ingredient for all the home remedies with Aloe vera is preparing the gel. Obtain a small part of the plant and remove its outer thick and thorny cover and scrap the gel into the bowl with a spoon or a knife. Now grind the gel into a fine paste. Now you are set to go!

(i) Aloe Vera Gel

Now take the gel and apply it on your face, and décolleté areas. Let it rest for around 20 minutes and rinse it off with water. It is a simple treatment that can be followed everyday if possible or at least twice or thrice a week for a clear face, skin hydration, skin refreshment, anti-aging appearance and flawless skin.

(ii) Aloe Vera Gel and Coconut Oil

This treatment works great as an after sun. Now mix both the ingredients in approximate equal quantities, apply it on skin and rinse it off after 20 minutes. Soothing nature of aloe and moisturizing property of coconut oil works together to calm the sun exposed skin and cools it, reduces redness and helps rejuvenation.

(iii) Aloe Vera Gel, Yogurt and Cucumber

Take equal quantities of aloe gel, yogurt and cucumber juice and mix together and apply it on face for 30 minutes. This pack assures a glowing and enhanced complexion.

 (iv) Aloe Vera Gel and turmeric pack

Turmeric kills bacteria and improves skin complexion. Aloe and turmeric both promises a clear skin. A clear skin simply means, a skin without scars, acne, blemishes, aging signs, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, dark circles, enhanced under eye appearance, refreshed and flexible skin.

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(v) Aloe Vera Gel and sugar

This combination together works as a good exfoliator. The gentle exfoliation property of the aloe vera gel is further improved with sugar, hence to achieve a deep and perfect exfoliation results. this facial mask can scrub away dead cells, skin residues, toxins and flush out impurities.

Mix sugar and aloe gel of equal quantities and apply the mixture on the face and massage in circular motion for a perfect results.

(vi) Aloe and castor oil

This treatment is for a dense and long eye lashes or eye brows. Take aloe gel (diluted, aloe gel and water in the proportion 1:3) and mix with good quality castor oil and apply it on eye lashes and eye brows using the eye brush.

 The result is slow and long lasting.


Aloe vera is a great gift to mankind! It is the one and only plant that has vast number of skincare, and haircare properties. It is really good to grow Aloe vera in our garden or home and it is easy to grow as well as the plant doesn’t require much care but its uses are never ending.

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