Importance of Eye Care and How to Take Good of Your Eyes

Eyes are one of the most important features in human beings as they enable us to know about the things going on around us and help to connect us with our surroundings. Most of our perception is based upon what we see through our eyes. Eyes like other vital organs also require care. Damage to eyes may be fatal as it leads to different eye diseases.

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Aging is an important component that has direct impact on our eyes. Many signs of aging such as dullness and sagginess eyes are evident first through eyes. Today we will discuss how well you can take care of your eyes if you stick to the following beauty routine but before that let us understand the importance of taking care of eyes and what actually happens to our eyes if left carelessly. Stick till the end!

Signs or Symptoms of Common Eye Issues

There are numerous signs as to how eyes readily get affected. Some of them are:

Dark circles

Sleep deprivation and hectic routine causes dark circles under your eyes in many people. It is basically because of poor lifestyle and diet. Dark circles give eyes a very sick look and make a person look tired. By adopting healthy lifestyle and eating habits one can get rid of dark circles.

Eye puffiness

One of the major causes of eye puffiness is aging. As the time passes and skin ages, the skin under your eye start to lose its elasticity and become droopy. On the other hand puffy eyes are also caused by lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, poor diet, and excessive exposure to sun, fluid retention etc.

Eye bags

These are also considered to be a result of aging, unhealthy lifestyles and sleep deprivation. Eyes bags usually form when the skin under eyes starts to weaken. The fat starts to slip down in the lower portion of eye causing eye bags.

Crow’s feet

As aging progresses a person starts to develop wrinkles around his eyes that resemble crow’s feet. It basically occurs because of aging as one loses elasticity resulting in saggy and droopy eyes.

Reasons for Eye Problems

So, we have noted the few things that affect the eye health and beauty. This leads us to reasons some of which seem repetitive in all the signs when eyes are damaged when others are not such as the following.

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation causes a lot of damage to your eyes. Spending a lot of time being awake directly affects our eyes causing dryness, strain and pain. Like other body organs our eyes also need rest so spending time being awake all day results in poor vision and serious eye conditions. This needs to be avoided.

Unhealthy eating habits

People lacking fire in their diet often end up having dull and dark circle eyes. They give the person a very sick looking face, fading away all the beauty.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Not taking proper diet and enough sleep of almost eight hours a day, leads to eyes losing it’s beauty. This unhealthy lifestyle negatively influences weight, height, facial beauty and overall health.

Intake of processed foods, packaged foods, preserved meat, and cools drinks can ultimately lead to a poor health and eye sight.

All these can be replaced with freshly prepared foods or meals, fresh meat or fishes and fresh fruit or vegetable juices.

Lack of major nutrients

Back to the same point that having unhealthy diet with absence of nutrients is a major cause for lack of eye beauty and health.

There are other reasons but are not that frequent:

  • Excessive salt intake
  • Allergies
  • Smoking
  • Too much sun exposure
  • No makeup removal

These are to name a few there are much more reasons as to why eyes lose their charm. Luckily, we know how to fix this. But it should be bear in mind that these remedies can only work if you start taking care of yourself early on in life before it is too late to rectify the damage.

Routine to Follow to Avoid Eye Problems

There are many routines that can be followed in order to prevent eye problems. We have brought you one of the most effective routines for saving eyes from losing their beauty and charm. You need to follow a few simple steps and you are good to go. 


Cleansing is pertinent twice a day to get rid of bad under eye area. A good facial cleanser is recommended to cleanse the skin gently daily.

Serum application

After cleansing and washing your face you need a good serum. An anti-aging serum is preferable in this regard as it helps prevent lines and wrinkles from under the eyes.


Moving ahead you need a good moisturizer for your skin type. It would be better if it is anti-aging so that no signs of premature aging appear under your eyes.

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Apply eye cream

After the previous routine is completed you need an eye cream. An eye cream is beneficial in minimizing the effects of crow’s feet, puffy eyes or dark circles. It also makes your eyes anti-wrinkle.

Concealing under eye area

Lastly, you need a good concealer to hide any flaws of under eye, if needed. Though, after such a good routine that would be hardly required.

For all these steps you must bear in mind that you need products that are suitable to your skin type or else it would have fatal side effects on your skin.

Simple Ways to Nurture Your Eyes

Whether or not you have common eye related skincare problems such as puffy eyes, eye bags, dark circles, crow’s feet, sagging eyes, imperfection of under eye skin, you can always these simple formulas to enhance, refresh your eye and the under eye skin.

This is really help in preventing future fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet and soothes the eye muscles.

There are few simple ways to care for your beautiful eyes and some of which are listed below.

Aloe vera

Applying the cool aloevera gel on under eye area helps with puffy eyes and eye bags. Long term use helps reduce dark circles.

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Cold compress

Cold compress using ice or tea bags helps with swollen puffy eyes. It also helps in improving blood flow in that area and improving the symptoms of eye bags, saggy eyes and tired eyes.

Applying tea bags on under eye skin also helps in healing a number eye issues such as eye bags, puffy eyes and inflammation in under eye skin such as redness and sweeling.


A thin slice of raw potato greatly helps in reducing dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, enzymes and starch. Regular application of the potato peels helps lighten the skin and soothes the skin. It also works in healing puffy eyes and eye bags.


Cucumber has an anti-inflammatory property and also moisturizes the skin. It calms, and soothes the under eye skin when applied after a sun exposure or whenever needed. It also works great for eye bags and dark circles.

Castor oil

Applying castor oil at night helps prevent sore eyes too. Using it during night time, helps to minimize wrinkles and dark circles. Make sure the oil doesn’t come in direct contact with eyes and also that you are not allergic to the oil.

Eye Rollers

Eye rollers, are simply gels or creams placed inside a device that can massage over the soft skin of the eye to get rid of puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.

Prevention to Eye Problems

Following are the guidelines to follow to avoid damage to the eyes.

Wearing sunglasses

Your eyes are delicate and are very sensitive to too much of heat or light. Hence protect your eyes from sunlight by wearing sunglasses or covering your head with a hat.

Adequate sleep

Take a sound sleep of approximately 7-8 hours to keep your mind and eyes fresh and relaxed. Sleep deprivation is considered bad for health and has adverse effects on your body.

Lack of sleep can easily result in puffy eyes, eye bags and saggy eyes. Hence a good night sleep is always recommended and insisted by healthcare professions.

Balanced diet

Design your meal planner in advance and try to take a well balanced and healthy food every day. Eat a healthy diet that involves mostly nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Healthy diet involves the following:

  • Take only the required amount of carbohydrates
  • Include greens, and a lot of fresh vegetables
  • Include fruits rich in Vitamin C such as orange, lemon
  • Legumes, nuts and dates everyday
  • Fishes, mutton liver once a week

And remember to drink required amount of water (minimum 2 liters) per day to maintain metabolism and to keep your body system hydrated.

Avoid bright light

LED lights and blue light are capable of penetrating eyes and then to the retina and can cause harm to light sensitive cells in the retina. Blue light can also interfere in your sleeping cycle and disturbs the sleep.

You can also minimize the amount, of time spent on your mobile phones and laptops. As these emits light rays that can directly the affect the eyes later. Try using “reading mode” option from your mobile as it cuts off the blue light emission.

Precautionary measures to avoid chemical contact

Wear goggles when you have direct exposure to chemical products as it can damage your eye sight.

That’s all from our side. Restore your eye beauty today!

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