Importance of Skin Moisturization and Steps to Avoid Dehydration of Skin

Our body is composed of 60% of water so it is no surprise that our body needs water in greater amounts than all the nutrients put together. Skin needs water in higher quantities in order to retain its beauty in all exuberance. For this drinking water merely is not enough but rather the skin requires a special routine by which H2O comes directly in contact with it for the best results.

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For this purpose we require natural and artificial products that can help us hydrate our skin in all its vitality. Today we are going to tell you the secret ingredients which can hydrate your skin with the best possible results. Since they are natural these products have little to no side effects and are easy on the pocket too. Let’s find out what they are!

Why Skin Moisturization is an Essential Factor?

But first what is dehydration? It is the loss of water from the body that not only makes the body organs dysfunctional but also makes the skin dry.

Dryness remains the major impact of dehydration which leads us to the concept of moisturization.

Without moisturization the skin keeps on deteriorating. Due to this reason hydrating and moisturizing the skin is very important. Otherwise the skin loses its beauty, no natural oils are produced in the skin that makes the skin naturally glow and there is a fair chance of premature aging. Other disastrous effects of dehydration include redness, rashes and tingling sensations on the skin.

Hydrating your skin is also important because it removes harmful toxins from the skin which makes it look more radiant.

Some harmful toxins can only be removed from skin through sufficient hydration otherwise they cause inflammation and irritation on the skin.

Overall hydration helps in making skin appearance better. It slows the aging process and also fights acne and excessive oil production in the skin.

Skin without Proper Hydration

How can you tell it is not just a dry skin case but your skin is dehydrated? We have brought you the major signs of skin dehydration which will help you find out the answer to this question. These include:

  • Wrinkles appear on the skin, when it is pinched.
  • You feel certain dryness or stretchiness upon your skin.
  • Skin may become too oily in some areas or too dry in the other (meaning your skin may become combination)
  • Acne breakouts can become a routine thing since dehydration also causes oily skin and acne is prone to oily skin usually.
  • There is prominence in your dark circles. They may become very dark.
  • Eyes may become sunken with lines beneath the eyes giving a very sick look to the face.
  • Skin is less elastic and flexible.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms you should be certain that your skin is dehydrated and you need a remedy.

Five Natural Ingredients for Skin Hydration

In our busy routines we are seldom able to keep a track of how much our water intake is. Usually because of this many people suffer dehydrated skin without knowing the main cause. Due to this it is important to have ingredients which can be applied directly to the skin in order to keep it hydrated. Fortunately many of our dehydration remedies comes from natural products.

Following are some of the ingredients that help skin hydration:

Aloe vera

The “Plant of immortality” commonly known as aloe vera has numerous benefits for the skin. It too helps in skin hydration as it contains water in excess. You can use many homemade remedies that contain aloe vera however just applying the aloe vera leave on face and keeping it overnight helps in skin hydration with extra glow.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contain certain fats which act as a moisturizer on the skin. Researches have proven that it is quite safe to use coconut oil on skin as it is a good alternative for petroleum jelly and give the same results as the latter. So it can be applied in larger amounts on face and through remedies to make dehydration go away.

Rose water

Rose water acts as a natural toner on the skin as toners are also commonly used for hydration as they are water based. Hence rose water functions like a moisturizer, toner and cleanser three in one on the skin and reduces dehydration. Rose water instantly soothes dehydrated skin and it can be applied directly or mixed with a good moisturizer or cream to get better results.


Researches have proved that honey is very beneficial for numerous skin diseases. This is due to the reason that honey has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. This means it soothes the skin and helps hydration.


Cucumber has high water content thanks to which it helps in removing signs of dehydration from the skin. It contains vitamin C which keeps the body hydration balance too. It keeps the skin cool and removes any darkness present on the skin due to dryness.

These ingredients are very helpful in combating skin dehydration however it should be kept in mind there is no substitute for water. So drink water in large amounts. Also eat citrus fruits that are rich in Vitamin C such as oranges, cherries etc. Remember your skin needs H2O like you need food so do not neglect yourself into dehydration.

Lack of moisturization lead to wrinkles and dark spots on the skin which are hard to remove without hydration. Of course lotions can also be applied but sometimes they only clog pores on an already dehydrated skin. This further leads to acne. To avoid this one must be very careful in choosing products for hydration.

Best Skin Moisturizers


So skin dehydration seem like a nightmare but we have discovered new ingredients for keeping it hydrated for longer periods which mother nature has bestowed upon us. Using these can make your skin flawless and younger looking. So now you know what is at stake so go hydrate yourself as self-care comes first. Try these ingredients out and see the results for yourself!

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