Everything You Need To Know About Your Skin

Skin is the largest organ of human body. Also, it is one of the most attractive features in the human body. Due to this it requires nourishment and utmost care in order to keep it fresh smooth and silky.

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Skin care helps us in maintaining youthfulness in our skin. So we have brought you why your skin is important and how you should pamper it.

Layers of skin

There are three basic layers of skin. They are Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis.

1. Epidermis

It is the outermost layer of the skin that acts as a barrier by protecting our skin from dust particles. Epidermis helps in removing dead skin cells that are present at the surface of the skin and replace it with healthy cells.

Functions of Epidermis:

  • Epidermis make up our skin tone.
  • Provides skin protection from infections and pathogens.
  • Maintains the body temperature and skin hydration.
  • Protects internal body from sun radiation.
  • Provides barrier to body from external injury.

2. Dermis

The second layer of the skin is known as dermis which is present beneath the epidermal layer. Dermis protects the deeper layers of the skin by thermo regulating it and also aids in sensation.

This layer of the skin constituents the collagen, extrafibrillar matrix, elastic fibers, thermoreceptors, mechanoreceptors, sweat glands, oil glands known as the sebaceous glands, lymphatic vessels and blood vessels. The touching sense and heat sense are provided by mechanoreceptors and thermoreceptors respectively.

Functions of Dermis:

3. Hypodermis

The hypodermis is the third and inner most layer of the skin. It is present beneath the dermis and helps in storing fats in our body. The hypodermis also known as subcutaneous layer or superficial fascia mostly comprises of adipose tissues.

Hypodermis also has fibroblasts, macrophages cells, connective tissue and larger blood vessels. It plays an important role in connecting dermis to the muscles and bone i.e. connects skin to bone and muscle.

Functions of Hypodermis:

  • Provides insulation to regulate body temperature.
  • Provides support to the body.
  • The layer stores fat.

Main Functions of Skin

Each and every creation of God has a purpose, so is the skin. Let us discuss the various functions of the skin.

1. Physical protection

Skin provides physical protection against outside forces as it is the first physical defense.

2. Allows us to sense

Skin provides us with the sensation of hot and cold, touch, vibration etc.

3. Protection for inner organs

Skin acts as a camouflage that helps different organisms to hide from their predators.

4. Maintains body temperature

Balancing the body heat is one of the most important functions of skin.

How to take care of your skin

Since your skin performs so many important functions for you it is important to pamper it. For this you need to follow the things below. The major things are: routine and remedies.

Simple skincare routine

There are multiple ways to take care of your skin some of them are easy and quick to follow such as cleansing your face twice a day to remove dirt particles, germs and bacteria.

Having a sound sleep also helps in maintaining a beautiful skin as it clears your mind.

Sometimes exposing oneself to air pollution, cigarette, smoke, dust, pollution, too much air, traffic, etc can cause serious skin problems. So one must protect oneself by using good organic cleansers. Incorporating fruits and vegetables in our diet also helps in keeping our skin fresh and glowing.

Some people also opt for exercises such as yoga and running that helps them to decrease their stress and result in having a good skin. We can also take care of our skin by protecting ourselves from sun exposure.

Following a healthy routine is important for having a healthier skin. So you need to stick to these steps.

In simple: exfoliating, cleansing, moisturizing, sunscreen and use of after sun to be included in the simple skincare routine.

Maintain body hydration

Water makes up 60% of the body, so keeping body hydrated would definitely be a start.

Apply sunblock

UV radiation harms skin more than anything, so always wear sunscreen.

Balanced diet

Healthy fibrous diet helps in regulating body organs and removes dark circles from skin.


Taking vitamin supplements are good for removing premature aging signs such as wrinkles, patches and weak skin elasticity.


Keeping your skin cleansed before going to bed keeps skin retain its youth for a long time.

Enough sleep

Sleep deprivation does more harm to skin than all the bad habits combined together.

Stress management

Anxiety and depression causes skin damage and effects the complexion. So staying positive should be the norm of the day.


Moisturizing skins helps improve hydration. It also keeps the pores clean making the skin radiant. Using a suitable moisturizer for your skin type helps skin hydration.


Exercise helps increase hormone-release rate which are beneficial for beautifying the skin. So exercise must be a part of your routine.

Use of organic products and Natural remedies

Natural remedies have always proven healthier for the skin than artificial treatments. So here we are with our list of natural remedies that make your skin ever so beautiful that you would not believe your eyes.


Turmeric is rich in ani oxidants that keep the skin glowing. It also contains collagen in handsome amounts which keep the supple. For this remedy mix turmeric with milk and flour to form a paste. Apply it on face for about 20 minutes and remove it. Repeat this at least twice a week for best results.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is best for UV rays protection. It also provides skin with essential fatty acids and moisturizes it. For this remedy massage coconut oil all over the face for few minutes in circular motions. Keep it overnight. This will help with skin elasticity too.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is a real rescuer of skin. Mix it with turmeric milk and honey and apply over face for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. See the results yourself.

Baking soda

Baking soda helps in neutralizing the skin and exfoliating the dead cells. It is completely safe for skin and can be used along with water. For this remedy you can use baking soda, olive oil and honey. Use on face once a week for 10 minutes and see the magical results of baking soda.


Lemon being a citrus fruit has high pH and helps in removing facial tan. It is also rich in vitamin C that is beneficial for the skin. Mix two tablespoons of sugar and a drop of lemon juice and scrub the face lightly with it for exfoliation. Remove after ten minutes.

Things to remember for better skin

Here are few simple things to keep in mind, so that your skin doesn’t get worse. For example, one must remember to avoid touching or poking the pimple, use of sunscreen and moisturizers in your skincare routine helps a lot in skin improvement.

Avoid Random face wash

Random use or frequent change of skincare or cosmetics products might have adverse effect on your skin. Never use any facewash randomly especially if you have an acne prone skin. Using milder face wash if you have a sensitive skin would be a great start but do use facewash that suits you better.

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Interfering with pimples

Popping, poking or picking the pimples and scars on the face so one must avoid doing it.

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is the key to a healthy, beautiful and fair complexion so whatever you do never miss out on your sunscreen if you need protect against cancerous UV rays.


So from the above discussion it is very important that we care for our skin because it performs indefinite functions for us. You can use home remedies or artificial products for a fine glowing skin that is totally up to you.

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